Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Clinic Woman

Picture me, I'm forty years old and pregnant for the second time. Last year I got in a fight and and my spleen ruptured so I have this giant scar from my sternum down to my pelvis. I varicosities in my legs and venous stasis and my veins are fucked up from shooting drugs and I have scars on my face and my left ear had an earing ripped out of it so there is a big tear in my ear that was never sewn back together. I'm pregnant with my second child and I'm forty and I work all day lifting heavy boxes. I am missing half of my teeth and I don't have insurance. There isn't even enough time today for me to tell you about my problems and pain? you askin me about pain? My legs ache and my baby keeps kicking me all day and night won't leave me alone. Pain? Kid I've been through more that you can ever imagine, you with your white coat and your pressed shirt and parted hair and tie and shinny shoes. You will never be able to relate to what I could tell you about my life. You will never.


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