Wednesday, December 15, 2004

CD4: 8

CD4: 8. It is hard to diagnose patients who do not have an immune system. What might they have: anything and everything. You mean 80 right? No, CD4: 8. Good place to start: Diflucan.

Everyone, well not everyone, but a significant percentage of our patient population has HIV/AIDs. So many patients have HIV that every prenatal patient is screened for HIV and HepB and TB. This is not the national standard. This is the high-risk standard. This is the metro NYC standard of care.

If you are like me you did not have a good grasp on the "underground" in the 80's. Maybe this is due to the fact that I turned 10 in 1989. Therefore, I was decently versed in mainstream media and music but missed out on the "good" music. Thankfully a recent release has changed all of that: Left of the Dial - Dispatches From the 80s Underground ( If you missed the 80s or want to relive them, I would start here.


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