Saturday, December 11, 2004


Luckily Obstetrics and Gynecology lasts only 6 weeks. This means that pap smears and pelvic examinations and impersonal, expressionless, disgruntled residents will no longer dominate the daylight hours. Are you having in vaginal discharge? How would you describe this discharge? Is it malodorous?

I need insight via burgandy. A bad habit started in college involving writing papers half drunk and recieving better grades on the drunk ones then the sober ones. I think the alcohol can allow you to take harder stances on the issue at hand. There is no sitting on the fence when you are drunk. Professors hate it when you sit on the hypothetical fence. The course was in Greek religion and the professor had a tatoo of a woman riding a dragon on his shoulder. He was brilliant and he one night a year ago he shot his girlfriend and then himself. They were both found in bed, naked and dead. In bed, naked and dead. That has a ring to it.


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